Our Story

Our Story

All of this began in 1990 when we met while we were both working at Robert Mondavi Winery. Five years later, we married and began this great (and unendingly surprising) life adventure together!

In 2000, Tersilla had an urge to move again and we decided to find a place with enough land that we could plant a little vineyard. And that is what led us to Inherit The Sheep…

We committed to keeping and caring for the sheep that their children had raised in 4H (though, of course, we had no idea how to do that!).When the call came that the owners had accepted, Tersilla immediately exclaimed “Fantastic! We'll call it Inherit The Sheep, because we'll never inherit anything else in our lives!”

 Since then, we've added goats and chickens and have carried on with our beloved Basset Hound tradition. Though our dear Penelope, at 17 years and three months old, finally decided to join Beatrice in heaven, the exuberant and slightly spoiled (!) Annabelle, together with her best friend Eleanor, are more than enough Bassett Hound to count for at least three or four!

Hopefully it goes without saying, we love Inherit The Sheep and we proudly invite you to enjoy our wine (and please, come by and visit the Sheep and the Bassets and whoever else we add to the mix).


Clay & T